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Dog Grooming Shears: How to Choose Haircutting Shears

Most dogs need some type of regular hair growth control. Whether your dog needs full haircuts or only little trimming of specific areas, you are facing two options: groom your dog by yourself or taking him or her to a professional pet groomer.

Giving your dog a great haircut is not hard at all. It only requires a little practice and a couple of special tools – dog grooming shears and dog grooming clippers.

Clippers are an excellent tool for full body haircut, while shears are prefers for spot haircuts and shredding.

If your dog doesn’t need full body haircut often, you can go ahead and get only a pair of good shears. This way you can take him or her to a pet salon for a full haircut and take care of spot trimming at home.

There are many different dog shears to choose from. Dog grooming shears come in different sizes and shapes and are made of various materials. The sizes vary between 4 and 6 inches, and you need to choose a size that best suits your dog’s needs.

If you own a small or medium sized dog and plan to use the shears for stop haircuts, go for a smaller sized shears. If you have a bigger dog with longer hair, bigger sized shears are recommended.

Dog grooming shears can be with sharp or blunt tips. While a pair of shears with sharp tips will give you more control over the haircut, they are also a little bit riskier to use especially to not so experienced dog owners.

A pair of shears with blunt tips reduces the risk of cutting or pinching through your dog’s skin and will still allow you to make a great haircut.

There are also shears with straight and curved blades. If you plan to use the grooming shears for haircut only, it is recommended to get straight blade shears as they are easier to use and give a neat, even haircut.

Shears with curved blades are usually used for nail trimming and are not commonly used for haircut.

The type of the dog grooming scissors should not only suit the needs of your dog but be comfortable for the dog owner. There are shears made for both right- and left-handed people so pick a pair according to your dominant hand.

Some have padded handles which would give you better grip and extra comfort during grooming.

Choose shears that require little or no maintenance. Stainless steel shears are among the most popular choices as they are affordable, durable and don’t require frequent sharpening and oiling.

Apart from all purpose shears, there are also special shredding or thinning dog grooming shears. They are used for hair trimming of animals with double-layered coating.

Shredding shears do not cut the fur uniformly and are not used for reducing the length of the hair, but only to reduce its volume.

If your dog needs full haircuts regularly and you plan to do this by yourself, you may need to buy a pair of dog grooming clippers as well.

Of course a full haircut can be done with a pair of scissors as well, however electric clippers are must easier to use as they provide even and uniform cut.

The best way to go is to use the clippers to cut the fur on your dog’s body and the scissors to cut the fur on the dog’s face, ears and paws.

A pair of good dog grooming shears is one of the must have tools for every dog owner. They are great for trimming extra dog’s hair off specific spots as well as for professional looking full body hair styling.

Choosing the right tool is crucial for achieving great results.

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