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Dog Grooming Courses: An Introduction to Dog Grooming Training

Every dog, regardless of breed, gender and age requires regular grooming. It is vital for dog’s health as well as a great way to improve its appearance and strengthen the bound between the dog and their owner.

Dog grooming includes various activities – from simple ones such as washing and brushing, to more complex procedures such as nail trimming and haircut.

Every dog owner, dedicated to providing the best possible care for their pet, must be familiar with the basic grooming techniques and the main dog grooming supplies and tools.

Learning how to groom a dog properly is not that hard. There are various dog grooming courses that can help you master your dog grooming skills and even open a door to professional dog grooming career.

Typically, dog grooming courses are differentiated according to the level of expertise students already have and the level of expertise that will be acquired after successful completion of the course.

There are courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

Grooming courses for beginners are suitable for dog owners who have just adopted their first dog. The duration of the course may vary from one day to a week.

Usually dog owners are asked to attend the course with their pet and gain some practical knowledge of its grooming.

Ideally, after completing such course, students should be aware of the specific grooming requirements of their dog breed, how and how often to perform each grooming activity and which grooming supplies and tools to use.

Dog owners, eager to learn more about dog grooming, and people interested in professional dog grooming may continue their education with intermediate and advanced dog grooming courses.

The duration of such courses depends on the specific techniques students would like to master and may last from a couple of weeks to several months.

Intermediate and advanced grooming classes usually cover a wide range of topics such as grooming needs of various dog breeds, dog handling and moving between work-stations, grooming of restrained animals, health problems recognition, nail trimming, ear, teeth and anal-glands cleaning, haircut and styling, first aid, equipment hygiene and maintenance, saloon safety, customer relations and so on.

Most dog grooming schools provide tailor made dog grooming courses as well. These courses are great for dog owners and grooming professionals alike as they allow students to pick specific areas of study.

For example, a tailor made grooming course can teach a dog owner how to clean their dog’s ears by themselves instead of going to the salon; a specialty course in hair styling and finishing can be beneficial for a professional looking to increase their qualification.

So, do you really need to attend a dog grooming course? Those, looking to become professional dog groomers have no other choice but to attend a grooming course.

Dog owners who prefer to rely on the services of professionals can attend a one-day course just to learn how often and when grooming for their dogs will be required.

Dog owners who prefer to take care of their dogs grooming can find out if they need extra training by answering a few simple questions:

  • What type of grooming my dog needs?
  • How often I must bath/ trim nails/ clean ears/ brush/ cut my dog’s hair/ etc.?
  • Does my dog require any special grooming and what?
  • Which dog grooming supplies are suitable and safe for my dog?
  • What tools I need and can I use them properly?
  • Can I recognize some basic health issues?

If the answer of all of the above is ‘yes’ you hardly need any further training. If the majority of your answers are negative, it is best if you look for some extra training.

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