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bullet The Secrets to Easy Dog Grooming e-book.

bullet The Secrets to Easy Dog Grooming Audio.

bullet1st FREE bonus  Vet Health Tips Interview Audio.

This audio is an interview with a well renown dog Veterinarian and is packed with helpful dog health information.

It includes up to date information on dog health tips, diet tips (including the most dangerous 3 foods to avoid, pregnancy help and advice, emergency care for your dog, a large section on management of dog allergies, care of you dog before and after surgery, all about spaying and neutering, plus much, much more.

bullet2nd FREE bonus 101 Healthy Homemade Dog Recipes e-book.

This popular ebook contains a massive 60 pages consisting of 101 yummy, very healthy, lovingly home prepared and cooked meals for your dog.

Each delicious healthy recipe includes a convenient list of ingredients... and a set of complete step-by-step preparation and cooking instructions... that are simple to follow.

It even contains a very helpful section that shows you how to really simplify your life by so easily cooking a larger quantity of each of the meals that you are preparing for your dog ahead of time and refrigeration/freezing the individual portioned meals for use later.


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