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Dog Grooming Schools: How to Choose the Right School

Dog grooming is a fun and rewarding job. If you are looking for a professional career as a dog groomer, you certainly need to start with gaining professional education.

Luckily there are many dog grooming schools that can provide you with the required training.

The sheer number and variety of dog grooming courses available is pretty confounding. Choosing among the various options though is not that hard, as long as you know what to look for.

Here are some of the things to look for when choosing the venue for your professional dog grooming training.

In campus or online education

Both online and traditional grooming courses have their advantages and disadvantages.

Online schools offer more flexibility and are likely to provide you with the same theoretical knowledge but you will not have the chance to practice under the supervision of a professional dog groomer.

Traditional schools are great as long as you can find one in convenient location.

Classes and schedules

Whether you are interested in online or campus-based dog grooming training, you must check what the classes will include and what their schedule is.

Dog grooming includes various activities and you need to make sure that at least the main ones will be covered during the training. These includes bathing, brushing, ear and teeth cleaning, nail trimming and hair growth control.

Make sure there is a good balance between theoretical and practical training.

While schedules are hardly an issue when we discuss online dog grooming courses, they are a serious problem to consider if you plan on attending a real school.

Find out what the lectures schedule is in the school you are interested and make sure you will be able to accommodate them in your daily schedule.

Supplies and tools

Some dog grooming schools provide the tools and supplies students will need during the training. Obviously this is better than having to purchase all the required equipment.

Tuition fees

Professional dog grooming education is not free and tuition fees greatly vary. You are likely to come across very cheap and very expensive schools so you must carefully choose one that best suits your budget and provides the best money for value.

For example you may find a very affordable grooming school but it may turn out they wouldn’t provide you with grooming equipment and supplies.

Quality of education

When it comes to quality of the education, dog grooming schools are very much similar to regular schools – some are more prestige than others. Look for a well established school, preferably with a long history in providing excellent grooming education.

Affiliations with national pet organizations and government institutions usually guarantee the quality of education provided by the school.

Certificates and diplomas

It is to be expected that you will be given some sort of certificate or diploma upon completion of your training, however you must check its credibility well in advance. Not all certificates and diplomas are recognized nationally and internationally.

If you are looking for a serious career in pet grooming, you will need an industry approved type of document that proves your level of education.


Education has little merit if you would be unable to find yourself a job after you have graduated. Check if the pet grooming school you are considering provides its graduates with any employment opportunities.

Do not be embarrassed to ask how long after graduation students usually get hired and where.

There are many dog grooming schools and finding the best for you is just a matter of careful research. The selection process can be effortless and even enjoyable as long as you have a detailed checklist and a little bit of free time.

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