Pet Grooming – Overcome Your Fear Of Dog Nail Clipping and Dog Clippers!

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Today, we will be talking about one of the most feared process in pet grooming – the dreaded DOG NAIL CLIPPING.

Honestly, this was also my most feared step in grooming my dog but you know what? You don’t have to be scared and I learned this a long time ago when I got my first dog. :)

So, let’s start before I get sidetracked…


Nail clipping or using dog clippers has to be one of the most feared elements of grooming around. Neither owners nor dogs particularly like doing it or having it done but this is for very different reasons. Dogs do not like having their dog nails clipped because it feels strange.

If you think about having your own nails cut, the sensation is more than a little odd. However, owners do not like clipping their dogs’ nails purely and simply because they know the risks.

If you know what they are though and find out exactly how to clip dog nails then you will find that it becomes second nature within just a few grooming sessions. Knowing exactly how to cut your dog’s nails is an absolute must and getting the technique right is incredibly important.

This is why a complete step by step guide must be adhered to at all times. However, you might want to know a little more about the nails before you clip them. Not only will this knowledge help you to understand how to clip nails but it will also reinforce why you should because there are serious consequences if you do not do so.

Much like our nails, a dog’s nails grow constantly and so will keep on growing until they are brought under control. If you leave them and expect granite sidewalks to wear them down naturally then this will happen to a degree but not to enough of an extent that your dog’s nails will not be a problem.

If your dog does walk on such surfaces often then it may reduce the regularity at which you need to cut the nails but it will not eliminate the need completely. Think of it as a nail file – it can only go so far in wearing the down and the rest is up to you!



Failing to clip dog nails can actually cause crippling, arthritic type pains in your dog’s paws, which in turn can actually lead to malformation of the paws and thus permanent damage and pain.

This can occur naturally anyway in certain breeds but you do not want the nails to add to it at all. If all else fails then you could always ask a vet or professional pet groomer to do it because they will have extensive experience and know full well how to do it without causing any harm at all to your dog. However, you should try to do it first as a part of the dog grooming process.


Preparing to clip your dog’s nails is an easy process but it can be even easier if you get the timing right. The earlier you clip your dog’s nails the better. Clipping a puppy’s nails may be a chore because of the inevitable reaction that you have when doing any element of dog grooming to your puppy.

However, getting him or her used to having nails clipped early on will really help to give the process a little acceptance, which can turn into an offering of the paw at a later date!

Regardless of how old your dog is, the first thing you need to do to get your dog used to having his or her paws touched. It is true that most dogs hate that but there is no way around holding his or her paws when you trim the nails. Try stroking the paws after asking your dog for them.

Your demeanor will undoubtedly help to make the process that little bit easier. You can actively relax into the process if you have faith in yourself and your dog will give you exactly the same thing back. However, if you still feel a little ill at ease with the process then ask a professional dog groomer or vet if you can sit in on a nail clipping session to see how it should be done.

This is also a good idea for safety purposes as well as your own peace of mind. When you are comfortable with the idea of clipping your dog’s nails then you may want to get all of the dog grooming supplies that you will need for this element of pet grooming together. Believe it or not, there are so many types of dog nail clippers available out there that it is very difficult to choose between them.

There are three main types available and they come in an array of sizes so that you can choose the right one for the breed and nail type that comes along with it. You can choose the scissors dog nail clippers, which are suitable primarily for small dogs.

The guillotine dog clippers are primarily designed for use on medium dogs. The heavy duty dog clippers that resemble pliers are those for use with large dogs given that this size is well known for its strong and resistant nails.

The final piece of dog grooming supply you will need is there just in case you ever cut your dog’s nails a little too close for comfort. You may need a styptic pen or powder to hand to stop any bleeding if you cut the quick.

So, we will be ending today’s pet grooming newsletter update with this but don’t worry we will continue to talk about dog grooming and dog nail clipping in the next update.

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